Treatment Support​


“This revolutionary act of treating ourselves gently and tenderly through radical acceptance can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.”

– Tara Brach

I have had worked for three years as a Mindfulness facilitator supporting young adult patients at the Optimum Performance Institute, an intensive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)- based therapy treatment center in Woodland Hills, CA. It has been my honor and privilege to watch these extraordinary young people grow and heal through a mindfulness-based therapeutic intervention and to learn and grow in unimaginable ways myself as a coach and facilitator as I work with them.

There are a number of mindfulness-based therapeutic interventions in addition to DBT including Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT.) If you are an individual undergoing mindfulness-based therapy, I am happy to support you in your mindfulness practice through 1.) weekly in-person coaching sessions, 2.) SKYPE consulting to guide you or 3.) co-practice through *Relational Mindfulness and *Mindful Inquiry techniques. If you are a treatment center seeking to expand your mindfulness support for you clients, I offer two weekly workshops:

Mindfulness: Working the Practice

1.5 hours

Mindfulness: Cultivating Positive Mind States

1 hour

I have developed a robust resource of lessons and activities for the above groups that are both consistent and flexible, supporting growth and change for the client over time. I would be happy to bring these to your facility or design something that would better suit your clients’ needs.


“Linnea has worked with the young adults in our program for several years now. She provides a safe and inviting space for our participants to learn more about mindfulness, sitting with body sensations and looking for positive movement in treatment. She guides them in practices that enable them to feel more comfortable in their own skin and engage in meaningful activities with others. We look forward to continuing our work with Linnea and are delighted to have her as an adjunctive staff member on our team.”


~ Rebecca DeLeon, Intensive Program Coordinator, OPI