Leadership​ Development

“You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first.”

—Peter F. Drucker

The cultivation of Mindfulness – the ability to pay attention and non-judgmentally accept what is happening in the present moment – is actually essential to becoming an effective leader. A leader must be able to fully embrace what is in the moment with openness and clarity to see what is truly possible. Great leadership begins with authentic self-awareness and an ability to listen deeply to the needs of the people you lead, while still maintaining clarity of vision. That leader might be a CEO, a teacher, a law partner, a financial advisor, a director, a manager, a business owner, even a parent. Many of us lead in some way in our lives. Are you leading with calm and clarity? Are you aware of how your own thought patterns, stories and biases may be impacting your leadership? Are you enjoying your role as leader?

I am happy to work with you one on one to help you cultivate the clarity, focus, awareness and curiosity you might be missing as a leader or, alternately, to help you use your existing strengths to mindfully grow new areas of awareness that could elevate your leadership to a new level.

A Mindful Life also offers the following workshops to groups of 5 or more:

Leading with Awareness:

Using Mindfulness to find Strength, Openness and Clarity


Mindfulness Based Strength Practices for Leadership Development

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“Linnea and I worked together at Columbia University to create and teach a 5-week self-awareness curriculum for students enrolled in a Masters level leadership training program. I was constantly impressed by Linnea’s laser-clear insight about what she was seeing within the dynamics of the program and the helpful solutions she offered based on her wise perspective. She is creative, improvisational and brilliant at thinking on her feet. She is calm in conflict and embodies what she teaches. Linnea herself has the makeup of a highly effective leader in that she is wise, curious, inclusive, authentic, and demonstrates the highest level of integrity.”

~ Stacy Kesten, Integrated Leadership Systems