School Programs and Gifted Ed.

“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create beings who are capable of new and greater things.”

-Jean Piaget


Mindfulness in Schools
Mindfulness is now being taught, and mindfulness-based programs implemented, in many schools nation-wide. In just the last few years, thousands of articles have been published in scientific journals identifying the benefits of Mindfulness in school settings including increased focus, attention, impulse control, classroom participation, and compassion and lower stress and anxiety.

It has been my great joy and privilege to be a part of several of these programs as a UCLA mindfulness facilitator as well as to implement several programs of my own design for middle, high school and after-school programs. I also served on a team at Columbia University expanding the leadership skills or our future educational leaders.

Please contact me if you are interested in a school-wide program specially designed for your school or any of the following workshop/talks:

Introduction to Mindfulness:

Tools for Middle School Students

Introduction to Mindfulness:

Tools for High School Students

Mindful Wellness for Teens:

Finding Balance


A Mindful Workshop for Teens

Please read this article if you are considering bringing Mindfulness to your school:

Properly Designed Mindfulness Programs

Gifted Education

The following 1-hour long workshop/talk is also available:

Mindfulness and the Gifted:

A Powerful Tool for Presence and Connection


“Linnea developed an incredible Mindfulness program for gifted and twice-exceptional tweens at the Institute for Educational Advancement’s Academy. Her thoughtful, student-centered approach helped students find calm and a stronger sense of self.  Linnea also served as advocate for the emotional and social needs of students within IEA’s community of parents. It was a pleasure to have her counsel, and to enjoy her research-focused expertise.’


~ Louise Hindle, Assoc. Dir. for School Programs, The Huntington