“Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness coaching can be a transformative experience. My goal with each client is to offer you a variety of simply yet powerful Mindfulness practices and tools that are tailored to your personal needs as an individual, family or organization. The coaching relationship is a unique in that it offers direct feedback as an ongoing catalyst for growth. In addition to my experience as a Mindfulness facilitator, I bring many years of experience as a performer and educator to bear. You will learn, practice and refine a set of Mindfulness tools through practice, problem solving and relating, one of the most profound and lasting ways in which human beings learn.

Mindfulness meditation and daily life practices have the power to increase one’s level of “present moment awareness”, regardless of how busy life may get. This, in turn, offers many personal benefits. These can include lower stress, lower anxiety, increased immune response, greater ease and joy, greater self-acceptance, greater empathy and increased clarity and focus. As an organization, this mindful awareness allows for a shift in how people respond and react in the workplace. The potential benefits include increase performance and productivity as well as increased resiliency, communication and teamwork, not to mention an increased empathy towards co-workers and clients.

Single Workshop:

An hour-long introduction to Mindfulness that works well for schools, non-profits, meetings and businesses.

Individual/Family Session:

Packs of 4, 6 or 8 one-hour sessions

Corporate Packages:

An Introductory Workshop tailored to the concerns of your industry followed by individual and/or ongoing sessions with leaders and/or multiple target groups.

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“I worked with Linnea during a very challenging life transition from one job to another. Her balance, wisdom, deep listening and intuitive understanding helped me get to the heart of my struggles and figure out where and how mindfulness practice could be of support to me. From there she gave me specific tools that helped me move through the transition with much more ease and joy. I honestly felt like a “mindfulness warrior” when handling the few intense weeks of that new job!  Thank you, Linnea. Forever grateful.”

~Jennifer Berkmayr, Marketing Analyst

“I had never equated mindfulness with intense concentration. I didn’t realize that when I’m transported to the ether that allows creativity to happen it’s a meditation. Honestly, now whenever I  paint, I try hold this concept of mindfulness in the forefront of my thinking as I ascend into the creative space. Crazy, but this intention to be mindful puts me at a place where my ‘work’ goes a lot better as I’m less attached and more about the exploration. It slowed me down which paradoxically allowed me to speed up. Now I’m working to expand it more of my experiences.” 

~Liz Tucker, Artist